The Story in Short

Families and corporate houses were looking for one stop solutions to their catering needs, from delicious food to exceptional service by well-trained and well-groomed servers.

We agree with you that the catering industry has been underperforming and falling short of your expectations in terms of quality food and standard service.

We also understand that food and service quality can make or break your special event.

Noticing the gap between expectations and reality, we thought we can do what it takes to end your plight in hosting a successful event that your guests will cherish long after.

The Journey Begins in Full Throttle

Desh Catering, a Dhaka-based full service catering company,  started out its journey as the premier event caterer for all your social and corporate events.

This already acclaimed idea is the brainchild of our CEO Ebarak Hossain who prefers to be branded as Chief Servant of the company and is always at your service when it comes to delivering outstanding catering experience.

He thinks that there is plenty of rooms to improve upon in this arena and wants to contribute to the betterment of the catering service industry.

A 5-star hotelier who served Dhaka Sheraton and Radisson Blu Dhaka for more than 7 years, Ebarak wanted to better the event catering scenario which is already flooded with not-so-good caterers and founded this company in association with 3 of his lieutenants who are equally passionate about and dedicated to meeting and exceeding your expectations.

Our Approach

To us, every event is special and we are determined to providing you with the best food experience that will make your occasions more memorable.

Thanks to delivering fabulous foods and excellent service, we proudly claim that we are the leading event caterer for all your social and corporate events.

Yes, you got us right. We are here to disrupt the catering service industry and set the gold standard of food preparation and service delivery. We know you are always with the best performer.


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